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Providing affordable, quality medical services to the people.

Many in the Nigeria now die of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, due to late or no diagnosis because of lack of facilities and equipment. Many deaths due to diabetes, prostate and breast cancers occur because the patients come for treatment after irreversible damages had occurred. The current scourge of HIV/Aids is aggravated by lack of facilities for diagnosis and monitoring the progress of those who can obtain anti-retroviral drugs. A recent World Health Organization study puts the average life expectancy for both Nigerian men and women at about 43 years of age.

At present, only privileged few with the finance to travel overseas to the USA, to Europe, and to Great Britain or to avail themselves of the very few high cost facilities in Nigeria for medical treatment and for many diagnostic services. Our goal and focus of providing affordable, quality medical services to the people has spawned a vision to build a major Diagnostic Center. This Diagnostic Center will be a state of the art center of excellence, part of the Hospital, and will provide a much needed service in Nigeria and some neighboring West African countries.

Example ENMC Diagnostic Centre
ENMC’s vision of establishing a state of the art Diagnostic Center is a result of the above state of affairs in the Nigerian medical environment. Such a center will provide life-saving detection and monitoring services that will play a major role in reducing the death rate in the country.

This vison requires the building and equipping a Diagnostic Center with such equipments as: Cat Scanners, MRI, Echocardiographs, ECG, EEG, flexible gastro scopes, bronchoscopes, colon scopes, laryngoscopes, CD4 counters, blood analyzers, spectrophotometers, X-Ray diagnostic machines, micro colorimeters, etc. read more...