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The Mission Statement of the Eastern Nigeria Medical Centre at its inception is to “Create better International understanding through helping the sick in Nigeria .”

The Eastern Nigeria Medical Centre is not a government hospital. It was established when the need for the service it provided as a pace setter to the government at the time, was seriously needed. It is a not-for profit private institution, with a Board of Trustees that then enjoyed international support. Its services complemented those provided by the Government. Now many private for profit hospitals and Mission hospitals provide medial services to the people. Its late founder Dr. Okeke was a general surgeon educated and trained as a general surgeon in Bates College , Lewiston Maine , in Boston University III Surgical Service, Boston City Hospital . He worked for some years in the United States before answering a challenging call to return to Nigeria to start the Eastern Nigeria Medical Centre, which is a general hospital. Dr. Okeke passed away in July 2007. The hospital is continuing its work under its acting Medical Director Dr. Chikelu and the hospital administrator Mrs. Ifeoma Okeke , the late founder's widow.

 The hospital's current goal is to modernize its facilities and equipment and fulfill its vision of providing a very needed service- a diagnostic facility that can serve Nigeria and some neighboring West African Countries. Diagnostic services very crucial to the satisfactory outcome of medical services are taken for granted in advanced countries of the world like the USA , where such services are relatively available even to the poor. Good diagnostic facilities are very scarce in most West African Countries and are only within the reach of the affluent who can afford the services of the few available centers in the country or who can travel to America , Europe and to Great Britain for them. Because of the poor economic standing of the majority of the people the Medical Centre serves, the hospital cannot depend on internally generated to actualize its goals. It is therefore soliciting support internationally.